Megan Wells Storyteller

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"Megan's storytelling has a radiance which only comes from that rare combination of raw talent, deep intelligence and blistering honesty. Soul speaks through Megan's mouth."
— Rebecca Armstrong, Joseph Campbell Foundation

"In a world longing for poetry, myth and passionate storytelling, it is a joy to behold work in which all three are present. Megan's soulful performances breathe new life into ancient stories and embody the revitalizing power of live theater."
— Phil Cousineau, Author, Filmmaker

"Megan's stories sparkle with truth and beauty. She shape shifts your imagination while dancing with your soul."
— Betsey Means, WomanLore Performing Women in History

"To most, acting and storytelling seem the same but at their core, they radically differ. An actor uses all to bring a character to life. The divine storyteller Megan Wells does several things at once. She paints the scene, infuses a host of characters with life, and directs our view of whom to trust, fear, laugh with and pull for. Her virtuosity is subtle, supple, and suffused with the transformational capability of all great art. Part alchemist, part enchanter, but in truth all storyteller is Ms. Wells!"
— Carol Birch, Storyteller, Circle of Excellence Winner

"Megan's passion goes beyond words that simply engage, enrich and entertain an audience. Somewhere between a story or a myth and Megan's unique delivery of it, through her gestures, her brief pauses, her expressive gaze and soulfulness, Megan creates a special and unique kind of suspended animation that is as hard to resist as it is to describe. Before long, one finds himself or herself inside Megan's "story zone", connecting to timeless human themes in surprisingly direct, personal and emotional ways. Only afterwards can someone fully appreciate the artistry, craftsmanship, artistic and creative genius it takes for one person to accomplish all this without special effects, no stage tricks, no dialog, not even background music. Megan takes audiences through themes that have persisted through humanity's long and winding path, and with her incredible talent and stage delivery she creates an unforgettable experience for everyone attending."
— Yannis Papadakis, PhD, Founder, & Chair, Sympraxis Foundation

"Thank you for your wonderful much-complimented performance! The ladies loved it!"
— Jill Becker, Patty Turner Center

"Megan Wells makes the written word leap off the page, with grand characterizations, vivid descriptions, and an exciting delivery that creates colorful and imaginative worlds for her audiences. From the cold depth of Dracula's castle, to the warmth and grandeur of Mt. Olympus, Megan creates three dimensional worlds using minimal costumes and set pieces that reinforce but never upstage the spoken word. The depth and range she brings to her performances leave audiences with a newly found appreciation for the art of storytelling, and has them begging for more. This is live performance at its finest and we welcome her to our theatre every chance we get."
— Wayne Mell, Artistic Director, MadKap Productions; Managing Director, Skokie Theatre