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Storytelling is time travel

"In the outer space of the inner mind, people get wise."

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A Professional Storyteller, Coach, Teacher, & Friend

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Stories can touch your heart.
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Stories can move your soul.
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Stories can inspire change.
Would you like to learn how?

"You ROCK!"
— Yo-Yo Ma | Circle of Excellence Winner

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Bringing Stories to Life

Megan Wells is an award-winning and nationally-respected professional storyteller who has enthralled audiences for more than 40 years. This extensive experience has allowed Megan to develop a vast repertoire of engaging stories, including traditional tales, multicultural myths, historical retellings, and even some personal stories from her own life. Regardless of the story she's telling, Megan's passion and energy bring the words to life in front of your eyes.

Reach out to her today to learn more about her programs and services as a storyteller, storytelling coach, teacher, and workshop facilitator. In Megan's own words: "Call me. We'll talk. Mostly, I'll listen. Then, I will guide you to the story you are seeking."

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